"why do you like floral prints so much" because i’m not a person. secretly i’m just a mass of bees. trying to blend in with humans. unable to let go of my love of flowers

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At Rest
Emma Kisiel

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Let me be your:

7am morning fuck before you go to work

Midday text, letting you know that you’re on my mind

5pm cuddle after a long days work

11pm rough fuck as i pound away the frustrations of your day

2am soft whisper in your ear, as i tell you “i love you”

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"I find pieces of you in every song I listen to."

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natalie foss is also working on an exclusive art for AFA, I don’t know about you guys but I’m dying to see what she will present for us! I bet it will be something unforgettable…


and if you are an artist and whant to go up there sweet talk to me

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titania feat. flower-crown: midsummer edition 

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